We are licensed by California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control with a Type 11 distributor license.

We specialize in distributing cannabis products from large and craft cannabis companies to licensed dispensaries throughout California.

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Sales & Marketing

Wondertree strives to drive your brand through distribution channels. We work closely with dispensaries to ensure we are sourcing brands that are popular and selling well at their stores.

Our marketing team is comprised of veterans of cannabis with deep roots in all of the industry. We are knowledgeable in the ever changing compliance journey and plan strategically.

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With our logistics services we are involved every step of the way including the procurement, storage, testing, packaging and final delivery of all types of cannabis products.

Our distribution channels span the entire state. We provide storage and labeling services at our Central Valley location.

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Since 1993

Who Is WonderTree?

At Wondertree Distribution we are consistently striving toward a more efficient, cooperative and participative relationship with our suppliers and key accounts, we will take a new innovative approach to distributing cannabis products throughout the state of California and worldwide once the law permits.

The primary objective of Wondertree Distribution is to specialize and be innovative, not to mirror other distributors throughout the state. Through innovation, we will break new ground on how a supplier is represented and how new craft cannabis brands are built, using small craft brokers to navigate the distribution channels.

Wondertree Distribution’s overriding strategic objective is to move from the traditional role of reactionary marketing to a new strategic pro-active brand building role. Our key account call frequency is designed to create a co-dependent relationship with our retail accounts throughout the state. This is imperative to future growth. Pro-active, creative selling, merchandising, and key account call frequencies will certainly be the key in influencing key retail and wholesale account activity. The only thing that is constant is change, and the cannabis compliance landscape is constantly changing and presenting new opportunities while simultaneously taking away others.


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